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All our products are mostly handmade by Nepalese women who are mostly house wives, in their free time.

This means our products take a bit more time to finish.


Step 1- The Yarn

We bring woolen yarn of wild sheep from the mountain of Nepal and Newzealand.



Step 2-The Spinning

Then we spin it on a machine. We used to spin all the woolen raw yarn by hand before,

but once the big machine came along and technology advanced, we started spinning with

it and this is much faster and cheaper too.

 Step 3-Adding Color

Then we dye the woolen yarn as according to our customer's specific order.

We used to dye by hand before, but now we use a machine which is less messy

and much faster for the dye to set.


Step4-Spinning colored yarn for making

Here we spin these colored yarn for knitting.


Step 5-Making/Knitting

Now a days knitting is done in two different process in our manufacturing.

a) Hand knitting:-

Then we distribute the woolen yarn to knitters. Most of our products are made by women in Bhaktpur ,Lalitpur ,Banepa and other outside regions around Kathmandu including Kathmandu. Most women are Nepalese house wives whose main priority is to do all their house hold task. They are busy all day but in their fer hours of free time, they like to knit garments as the skill have been passed on to them from generations. So, each garments takes average of 3/4 days to complete. Now a days this has become a good source of extra income many women as well as men are being attract to knitting woolen garments.


b) Machine Knitting

Besides hand knitting now we also manufacture our products with machine.

This helps us to produce quality product in big quantity in short period of time.



Step 6-Cutting & Stitching

After knitting, it's the main part of manufacturing-cutting in specific size and Stitching in Specific design.



Step 6-Quality Control

Then we check the goods with our team of inspectors. We check whether the size, shape, color and the general quality of the garment has been made with care or not. If the garments passes the quality control check the it is sent to the finishing department, where all the goods are checked again thoroughly for final touches. Once the quality control team is completely satisfied with further inspection, each garment is passed to the packing and distrubtion department where the goods are labelled well and sent for distribution.


Step 7-Packing & Distribution

Once the goods are welled checked, labelled and packed individually as according to order,

they are delivered to the specific center.This is the final stage of the process.

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